Cavapoo Puppies for Sale


All our Cavapoo puppies have sold and are now in their new homes.

From the comments and pictures we’ve received, our puppies have adapted well to their new families and how grateful we are to each one.  Our goal is to provide healthy, happy puppies to loving homes and we feel we have another happy ending to another precious litter.

Below are pictures of our puppies and their new owners

Steven, Korinna and "Ginger"

Steven, Korinna and “Ginger”

Evan and "Max"

Evan and “Max”

Jack and "Leo"

Jack and “Leo”

Lauren, Brandon and "Ellie Mae"

Lauren, Brandon and “Ellie Mae”

Abigail, Jake and "Scout"

Abigail, Jake and “Scout”

Anna, Nate and "Leila"

Anna, Nate and “Leila”








                  For more pictures go to out “Happy Owners” page. Click on the mailbox above for contact information THANK YOU!